Elegant Homes  
ALBINALI ENTERPRISE Tilt-Up division is the largest Tilt-Up company in Saudi Arabia .We are proud to provide a complete in-house turnkey service for every stage of Tilt-Up construction. Engineering, lifting design, fabrication and erecting are few of the tasks performed by our dedicated staff with 15 years experience. ALBINALI ENTERPRISE is also the exclusive agent for Dayton-Richmond Tilt-Up hardware in Saudi Arabia. 

Our Tilt-up buildings range is virtually limitless; we have produced Industrial buildings, Commercial buildings, auto dealers’ showrooms, Telephone exchange building (AT&T), and Petrol stations with service bays and below water table water proof vaults.   

Tilt-up benefit is both in cost and time saved and it has been used for plant rooms, fire separation walls, offices, residential buildings, factories, and auditoria to mention but a few. Our Most popular finish is smooth gray or white sandblasted finish.

Elegant Homes:

ALBINALI ENTERPRISE is a leading provider of Elegant Homes in Saudi Arabia. Our vision is to provide the best quality at competitive rates. Our production covers a wide ranges form architectural cladding in residential and commercial buildings, to specialty architectural light posts. Our customers are among the leading firms in Saudi Arabia. Who also supply a wide range of finishing such as white concrete, gray concrete, colored concrete  marble, stone chips, glass, sandblasted, colored, stamped, brick face are only part of the finishes available to our customers.


ALBINALI ENTERPRISE Monument Division is an extension of its Tilt-up division and yet it is very  different because it requires a totally different approach of thinking and present challenges in both its architectural and structural design that are uncommon in standard tilt-up. Monuments are both larger and are non standard shape which challenges the designers and builders.

White, colored, stone and sandblasted are only handful of the finishes available


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